For our clients in Germany
  • Better term deposit rates than average German banks
  • One-Stop-Shop / single log-in
  • All offers with deposit insurance
  • Both EUR and foreign currency
  • Secure modern online banking
For our banking partners from EU/EEA
  • Access to Europe's largest savings pool
  • On average lowest term deposit rates in the euro zone
  • Quick & low-cost access with a professional banking team
  • Single access point to large local distribution networks
  • Banking operations through MHB-Bank Frankfurt a. M.

The best interest rate offer is not from a bank but from the online platform [ ... ].

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SavingGlobal raises €7.5m to spark ´saving without borders´ revolution.

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How to make the most out of your money: SavingGlobal is named as one possibility for savers to fight the low interest rates.

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When higher yields do not come to the German customers, the customers need to go to the better yields – that is the core of the idea.

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SavingGlobal is interested in
New partner banks
Access to European clients
New products